Year 5

At Rookery in year 5, pupils are encouraged in lots of different ways to build their confidence and challenged to become more independent as they mature and take on more responsibility for their learning.

Some of the amazing opportunities available to pupils in year 5 include completing outdoor and adventure activities on residential at our recently renovated shared outdoor learning centre, ‘The Brighouse’ in Atherstone, Warwickshire. This gives pupils a completely different learning experience which develops confidence, physical abilities and team work skills.

Selected visits throughout the year support the curriculum, engage pupils in learning through first-hand and practical experiences, and maintain pupils’ interest by bringing the learning to life. Trips include a geography excursion to explore the River Cole, and fun interactive science exhibits at ThinkTank museum.

A highlight of year 5 is an inspiring project which Rookery school take part in along with other schools across the West Midlands called ‘Go Givers’. This is a citizenship project aimed at enabling and empowering young people to make a difference to their local community. Pupils choose a local issue which they feel passionate about and set about collaborating with specialist music, art and performing arts teachers to research, organise and fundraise in order to help. Pupils not only present their learning journey to their parents and the school community in their summer event, but they also formally present their project at the ‘Go Givers’ conference and receive official recognition for taking part from the project organisers. For example, last year pupils chose to raise funds to adopt several endangered animals at our local nature centre through their event which included face painting, selling biscuits they had baked themselves, live musical performances and animated puppet films made with their specialist art teacher.

A firm favourite of year 5 pupils is their Design and Technology project where they research, make and market hot drinks. Learning how to make a hot drink safely on their own gives pupils a great ‘buzz’ as they feel grown up. Pupils also love organising and running a special afternoon tea where they serve and share hot drinks and a conversation with their parents and family members.

Browse through some images showing what learning is like in year 5 below.