Year 4

Our broad and balanced curriculum in Year 4 provides many rich and meaningful experiences. Some of the amazing opportunities available include:

Taking on the role of super spies by undertaking missions to create gadgets in technology lessons and make circuits in science lessons to send secret codes. Read about the secret agent Jack Stalwart and even create a dance to some well-known pieces of spy music. Pupils shared this to the school community where parents got involved in decoded music notes and maths problems in The Quest of the Missing Telsa Coil.

At the beginning of the Spring term the History and Geography topic began with a comparison of the physical features between the UK and Africa.  Researching on the climate in the UK and Benin led to the interpretation of data through line graphs and bar charts in Numeracy and the comparisons between Benin and Tudor life. Pupils had a very enjoyable Art project where they looked and created their own Benin bronzes. Pupils enrichment followed, with an educational visit to Blakesley Hall providing a very realistic insight into the lives of rich and poor children in Tudor times. This understanding of Tudor life was reinforced with our class text The Actor, the Rebel and the Wrinkled Queen. We learnt about Shakespeare, Elizabeth I and rebellions!

A wide range of visits throughout the year engage pupils in learning through first-hand and practical experiences, widen their knowledge of the local area and local communities, and keep that curiosity and thirst for learning going. Some visits include local places of worship, Birmingham Library, and ThinkTank museum.

Browse through some images showing what learning is like in year 4 below.