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The children at Rookery are at the heart of this community

At Rookery we value our learning community where everyone is empowered to grow and develop in order to be the best that they can be


What’s Happening

Irresistible Learning

Pupils enjoy a rich and diverse curriculum, which includes specialist teaching in art, music and physical education (PE) and a wide range of trips, which contribute effectively to developing pupils’ writing. Rookery School OFSTED Report February 2018

We have an art specialist who works across the school and we use a wide range of different materials and techniques to explore, discover and have fun with art, focus on the discipline of paint and develop painting skills, learn new textiles skills including weaving and stitching, focus on the discipline of 3D, different methods and techniques for printmaking and build on all the skills and knowledge developed and engage in mixed media projects.

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We spotted so much on our Specialist Search in Handsworth, we weren’t able to include everything on our trail map. Here is some more of our work and writing by pupils from 6H and 6W. As Handsworth residents, we come in contact with many skilled workers, such as doctor, nurse, dentist, teacher, lawyer, chef, electrician and many more.

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At Rookery we regard music as an important subject for our pupils. It allows pupils to shine in an area that they may not do elsewhere. It develops pupils’ creativity and engages language and reasoning skills. The school employs a specialist teacher as well as peripatetic teachers from Birmingham music service to provide the pupils with a fantastic musical education.

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We have a dedicated Sports and Arts Specialist who works across the school providing a range of amazing opportunities for our pupils to participate in. At Rookery we have a longstanding commitment to sport, we value the subject highly within our broad and balanced curriculum, and we recognise its importance to pupil well-being.

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