A message from the Chair of Governors

Rookery School Governing Body consists of representatives from the Teaching Staff including the Head Teacher, elected parents, Local Authority appointees and members of the Community who are chosen by the Head Teacher and appointed by the Education Authority.

The Governing Body as a whole meets formally once a term or more often if there are specific issues to be addressed, but most of the work of the Governing Body is carried out by delegation to Committees which conduct the business of the Governing Body.

The Committee structure at present consists of a Performance/Review & Development Committee, and a Site/Premises/Health & Safety Committee.

These committees are responsible for assisting the Head Teacher to manage the School and to carry out the Statutory obligations placed upon the Governing Body by the Government. Committees meet at least twice a term depending on the amount of business to get through.

Governors are unpaid volunteers who give of their time freely for the benefit of the school. Being a Governor at Rookery School is a very fulfilling and enjoyable experience although at times challenging.

The school is at the heart of the community it serves and the staff are dedicated to providing its pupils with the best educational experience possible, and every child is valued and encouraged to develop their own unique ideas and talents during their time at the School

The Governing Body has a big part to play in this process by valuing and supporting the Head Teacher and School Teachers and Staff and by ensuring that all of the School’s legal responsibilities to its pupils, staff and parents are strictly complied with. Governors take a great deal of pride and satisfaction in the present development and achievements of the school pupils and Staff.

Rookery School is a great place to be now and the Governors are determined that present progress will be maintained and built upon so that Rookery will be a great place in the future as well.

Hardeep Dhinju
Chair of the Governing Body

Co-opted Governors

Hardeep DhinjuChair of Governors 2017-2018
Geoff ReesVice Chair of Governors 2017-2018
Claire MarshallGovernor
Denise McMorrowGOVERNOR

Governors Appointed by the Members

Karandeep SehraGovernor

Parent Governors

Sharmila RajuParent Governor
Sukhdeep Kaur NazranParent Governor

Staff Governors

Chris LoveridgeStaff Governors
Emma WhitehouseStaff Governors

Head Teacher

Emma BalanHead Teacher

Company Secretary & Clerk to the Governing Body

Ebony GordonCompany Secretary & Clerk to the Governing Body