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Upcoming Events

all-day World Book Day
World Book Day
Mar 1 all-day
Children please dress up as your favourite book character! http://www.worldbookday.com/

SLT Team

Mrs D. LoanePartner Head Teacher
Mrs E. BalanPartner Head Teacher
Miss S. SamuelDeputy Head Teacher
Mrs E. PinnockAssistant Head Teacher
Mrs S. HannanAssistant Head Teacher

Class based Teachers

Miss E. DeemingClass Teacher
Mrs C. WardClass Teacher
Ms E. FreemanClass Teacher
Miss K. ChahalClass Teacher
Miss N. CallenderClass Teacher
Mrs G. BeasleyClass Teacher
Miss L. GardnerClass Teacher
Miss J. WedderburnClass Teacher
Miss Q. BuffongClass Teacher
Miss M. HemstedClass Teacher
Ms A. WhyleyClass Teacher
Mrs L. NealClass Teacher
Mrs K. StanleyClass Teacher
Mrs. F. PannaClass Teacher
Mrs W. AhmediClass Teacher

Subject Specialists

Mr L. LoveridgeSports and Arts Director
Mrs J. BainsMaths Specialist
Miss E. LackenArts Specialist

Teaching Assistants

Mrs K. JhalleyTeaching Assistant
Mrs L. CousinsTeaching Assistant
Mrs B. GadduTeaching Assistant
Mrs D. ChahalTeaching Assistant
Mrs B. SaimbhiTeaching Assistant
Mrs A. ReidTeaching Assistant
Mrs S. SehraTeaching Assistant
Ms J. KapurTeaching Assistant
Mrs R. GuraTeaching Assistant
Miss E. DillonTeaching Assistant
Miss A. HadleyTeaching Assistant
Mrs J. MorganTeaching Assistant

Support Staff

Mr M. DoddsICT Manager
Ms S. RaiPastoral Manager
Miss D. GrovesPastoral Assistant
Mrs A. PanesarPastoral Assistant
Miss I. CampbellLearning Mentor
Miss N. PenadoResources Assistant

Admin Team

Mr. J. McCormickSchool Business Manager
Ms S. Heath-GardinerPA to the Leadership Team
Mrs D. NandraFinance Administrator

Site Team

Mr A. GarbuttBuildings & Services Manager
Mr A. StoneBuildings & Services Supervisor

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs S. AkhtarLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S. AliLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S. BegumLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S. BhatiaLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs G. ChallLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs R. ChemLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J. RishiLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs R. KaurLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S. SadiqLunchtime Supervisor
Mr D. HamiltonLunchtime Supervisor
Ms J. DouglasLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs K ChaggarLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs R. GulzarLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs M. JacksonLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs M. MinhasLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs M. SahniLunchtime Supervisor

Kitchen Staff

Mrs D. FarrellyKitchen Staff
Mrs R. KumariKitchen Staff
Mrs S. KaurKitchen Staff
Ms S. SilakowskiKitchen Staff
Mrs N. SandhuKitchen Staff
Mrs R. KaurKitchen Staff
Mrs R. RanuKitchen Staff
Mrs B. Kaur Kitchen Staff

Cleaning Staff

Mrs T. SumanCleaning Staff
Mrs Jennifer DouglasCleaning Staff
Mrs R. KumariCleaning Staff
Mrs N. SandhuCleaning Staff
Mrs N. SangarCleaning Staff
Mrs C KaurCleaning Staff