Year 6

At Rookery in year 6, the curriculum continues to be broad and balanced as we believe the rich and meaningful experiences we offer, are the best way to prepare pupils for the challenges of transition from primary to secondary education.

Some of the amazing opportunities available to pupils in year 6 include completing outdoor and teamwork activities on residential at our recently renovated shared outdoor learning centre, ‘The Brighouse’ in Atherstone, Warwickshire; engaging in a creative enterprise project in which they run their own profit-making businesses to raise funds to give back to their school community; also, funding from the Shakespeare Birth Trust has given pupils the opportunity to become guides in Stratford Upon Avon, exploring and discovering the magic of Shakespeare on location and through exciting hands-on projects.

A wide range of visits throughout the year engage pupils in learning through first-hand and practical experiences, widen their knowledge of the local area and local communities, and keep that curiosity and thirst for learning going. Some visits include local places of worship, Birmingham Library, and ThinkTank museum. A favourite of year 6 pupils is the visit to a local park or nature reserve where teams collaborate to create natural sculptures linked to their ‘Human Nature’ topic.

Throughout the year pupils have the opportunity to work with a team of specialist teachers and professionals on a creative project which culminates in a special end of year event. Pupils lead the learning and make the creative decisions in collaboration with professionals such as dance teachers, drama teachers, music teachers, art teachers, and performing arts companies. For example, ‘Secret City Arts’ worked with year 6 pupils on a local history project to map out the local area and discover hidden histories of local people and places. The map, trail and green screen film that was created was not only shared with parents in workshops but was used to fuel learning of younger pupils and resource a whole school project in the following academic year.

Browse through some images showing what learning is like in year 6 below.