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School Parent Partnerships at Rookery School

Emerging strategies to promote innovation in schools at Rookery School

Parents make a vital contribution to their children's education, and strong partnerships between schools and parents can enhance children's learning. We have a very strong leadership team. The way forward for schools is strong leadership and a culture of consultation with parents, children and school staff.

How Do We Help Families Engage in Their Child’s Learning at Rookery School

Supervising Family/Parents Involvement

 We know that effective work with parents and families only flourish when the workshops we deliver is and often difficult work we break the complex learning and nurture the parents and deliver the workshop’s so they can grasp the understanding. (Bearing in mind the bilingual support they may need) are looked after well, and that supervision is one of the best ways of achieving this. Safe and good supervision provides a time when parents/carers can tell (and show) some of the problems and dilemmas that they are encountering, they will seek help in applying good practical support for their child’s learning. Parents start to use the practical thoughts to an issue or think creatively about how to engage better with their child’s learning.