Year 6 have once again looked at Shakespeare differently at Rookery!! 

Throughout the last term pupils have used different curriculum subjects to present their understanding and knowledge of Shakespeare, culminating in the final year event Rookery Has Shakespearean Talent.

Within Literacy pupils have looked at many of Shakespeare’s plays and produced many different outcomes.  They have written recounts of their visit to Stratford-Upon-Avon; love potions for Puck; applied for a job advert for Bottom’s Acting Company; storyboarded some of the plays. Some of the level 5 group even helped in writing the script for the event.

In Mathematics pupils have set up business enterprises, selling items to parents and the community at the event. Some of the items were their own designed badges, created loom bands and made cookies.

Pupils have used ICT to not only present their work, but have used software to manipulate images of Shakespeare in the style of Pop Art and Photo Mosaics.

In Music some pupils learnt about Elizabethan music. They learnt how to play Pherelle Williams Happy on the recorder, changed it to a Pavane style and then performed as people arrived to watch the performance.

Pupils got inspired that Shakespeare’s Dad was a glove maker and designed and created their own gloves in Art sessions. Parents were invited to take part in the experience and helped their child sew parts on to their gloves. Pupils were also inspired by the wedding dress design by Susie MacMurray using 1400 rubber gloves and created our own outfit.

As well as all this pupils have shown off their talents by teaming up with others and creating acts similar to that seen in the show Britain’s Got Talent.

Let’s meet some of the cast:










        The Cleaner              Cleopatra with Ant & Dec            Queen Liz with Ant & Dec

William Shakespeare



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