Events 2013 - 2014

Another hectic and enoyable year over, with fantastic curriculum events and performances. 

We started off in October with our Black History Event-moving somewhere new where you have to make choices about what you will bring with you and what you will leave behind. Then our Christmas Event, culminating in the production of Mr Humbug See's The Light, WOW!!

In the new year we had the Year 3 Curriculum Event - Plantasia, what a journey down the rabbit hole! Next was the Year 4 dilema of was Henry 8th and Oba Euware Heroes or Tyrants? Fantastic cases put forward by pupils and the clap-o-meter, genius!! We then had the Year 5's go into Space, with atmospheric music, dance and drama.

We have just finished the year with our Year 6 showing off their talents in the production Rookery Has Shakespearean Talent. This certainly topped off a fantastic year the year 6 have had, showing off the all the skills they have learnt and developed over their time at Rookery, some showing new talents we have not seen before!!

Alongside these events our year 5 pupils have worked alongside Big Brum, readying them for next year to commemorate World War 1.

I would like to say a big thank you to all staff, outside practitioners, parents and most of all the pupils for their support and hard work throughout the events process...a fantastic job!!! Looking forward to next years exciting developments.

Click below to view more on each event:

Year 3 Plantasia

Year 4 Heroes or Tyrants?

Year 5 Space

            Big Brum Project

Year 6 Rookery Has Shakespearean Talent