RIPP Rookery's Interactive Parents Program

Rookery's Interactive Parents Program has been designed to encourage interaction at home between parents and their children in a fun & safe environment. It also supports the physical, social and educational development of the child.

Main AIMs:

1.Encourage activity

2.Break down barriers – encourage interaction with others in fun & safe environment

3.Develop fine and gross motor skills

Subsidiary aims: 

1.Develop literacy and numeracy skills
2.Develop imagination
Parents were invited to attend an hour training session where they were shown how to use the equipment bag (The Bat and Ball,The Turtle & Rugby Ball,The Dice & Cards). They were trained on steps to improve skills, how to move their child forward and how to make things easier if finding it hard.
They were trained on how to develop their childs language, literacy and numeracy skills and finally given the chance to monitor the progress using the assessment/evaluation diary.
The parents then had a go with their child while being observed. Parents were given feedback and they took home the bags to use over a period of 4 weeks. Some parents brought them to the Foundation Sports Day and used them during the picnic!!!
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